Insights, 16 Apr 2024

Bowing to the greenback

Chart of the Month - April 2024

It’s not looking good for the Australian dollar. The AUD has been trending down against the greenback since 2021 (AUD/USD)(see chart below). Now, several factors have come together to add a few more anchors to the AUD; it’s down around 6% si...

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Insights, 12 Mar 2024

Is the US in a debt spiral?

Chart of the Month - March 2024

Have you ever looked at your credit card or mortgage interest payments and felt sick? Well, the US federal government is expected to pay USD 870 billion in interest payments this year which is around USD 48 billion more than it is expected to spend on d...

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Insights, 26 Feb 2024

Australia’s Secret Weapon - Population growth

Chart of the Month - February 2024

Back in 1947, Australia’s immigration minister called on Australia to “populate or perish”. Instead, Australia has populated and prospered. Australia’s population growth makes it a standout among comparable economies and as t...

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Insights, 23 Jan 2024

The amazing growth of Australian renewable energy

Chart of the Month - January 2024

Australia’s renewable energy consumption grew by an average annual rate of 5.7% in the decade to 2021-22. In contrast, oil (-0.4%) and coal (-2.6%) consumption declined. Solar was the fastest growing renewable category at 29.8% followed by wind at...

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