News, 02 Jun 2023

Economic Update - May 2023

The OECD recently released its forecast for global GDP for 2023. At 2.7 percent, it is the lowest growth rate since the GFC. Around the world, economies are improving, but the fight with inflation remains heated and will eventually impact growth. China ...

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News, 09 May 2023

Economic Update - April 2023

Fears of a financial meltdown in the US and Europe have faded and instead we have returned to regular broadcasting with slowing inflation and slowing economies. The UK with its stubborn inflation remains the odd country out. China is still benefiting fr...

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News, 06 Apr 2023

Economic Update - March 2023

Central bankers were already suffering from analysis paralysis with inflation versus recession, but March has now thrown banking crises into the mix. We live in interesting times! The good news is that for the investor, there are gains to be had in vari...

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News, 09 Mar 2023

Economic Update - February 2023

Interest rates will still need to rise higher and for longer, but there are signs in Australia and the major economies that a slowdown is coming. How fast that slowdown occurs will determine the actions of central banks over the next year. What is h...

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