Insights, 31 Oct 2023

Riding the growth wave of Asian private debt

At a Glance: The private debt market has witnessed a significant growth with total private markets assets under management (AUM) reaching $11.7 trillion as of June 30, 2022, largely driven by long-term lenders like pension funds and wealth manag...

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News, 22 Oct 2023

PDI Magazine - Expert Q & A With Christian Brehm

Knowing the servicer is key

The expertise and financial solidity of the servicer is something people often overlook in specialty finance. Christian Brehm of FC Capital explains why this would be a mistake.    How would you describe FC Capital's approach ...

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Insights, 30 Sep 2023

The not so Grande Chinese property crisis

Chart of the Month - September 2023

When America sneezes, Australia catches a cold but what happens to Australia when China chokes on a property crisis? We are about to find out! The property sector represents around a quarter to a third of the Chinese economy. Rather than rebounding afte...

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Insights, 24 Jul 2023

The Return of Migration

Chart of the Month - July 2023

COVID-19 came as quite a shock to Australia's migration numbers. Australia went from an average net migration intake of 228,370 between 2016 to 2020 to -84,940 in 2021. This was the biggest fall in migration numbers since the First World War (see ch...

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Insights, 23 Jun 2023

Chart of the Month - June 2023

Australia’s Housing Market: No Country for Renters Nothing gets pulses racing in Canberra like the prospect of a double-dissolution election. Over the past week, the Labor Government’s $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund Bill was a...

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News, 02 Jun 2023

Economic Update - May 2023

The OECD recently released its forecast for global GDP for 2023. At 2.7 percent, it is the lowest growth rate since the GFC. Around the world, economies are improving, but the fight with inflation remains heated and will eventually impact growth. China ...

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News, 09 May 2023

Economic Update - April 2023

Fears of a financial meltdown in the US and Europe have faded and instead we have returned to regular broadcasting with slowing inflation and slowing economies. The UK with its stubborn inflation remains the odd country out. China is still benefiting fr...

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Insights, 01 May 2023

Chart of the Month - April 2023

The Big RBA Unwind During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the RBA pumped billions into the financial system. Now we are in the middle of the big unwind as the RBA looks to tighten financial conditions further in response to high inflation. ...

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News, 06 Apr 2023

Economic Update - March 2023

Central bankers were already suffering from analysis paralysis with inflation versus recession, but March has now thrown banking crises into the mix. We live in interesting times! The good news is that for the investor, there are gains to be had in vari...

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Insights, 30 Mar 2023

Chart of the Month - March 2023

Chart of the Month - March 2023 Are bad loans to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) the next stage of the US banking crisis? The inflation-recession dichotomy has been busted by a US and Swiss banking crisis. Duration risk and an old fashioned bank ru...

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News, 22 Mar 2023

New Fund Launch - FC Senior Credit Fund I

SYDNEY | WEDNESDAY, 22 MARCH 2023 Type of announcement – new fund launch Fund Name:  FC Senior Credit Fund I FC Capital announces new closed-ended private credit fund Sydney based FC Capital, an alternative asset management firm w...

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News, 09 Mar 2023

Economic Update - February 2023

Interest rates will still need to rise higher and for longer, but there are signs in Australia and the major economies that a slowdown is coming. How fast that slowdown occurs will determine the actions of central banks over the next year. What is h...

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Insights, 23 Feb 2023

Chart of the Month - February 2023

Are Australian consumers starting to crack?

The Australian economy has many commentators puzzled. Interest rates and inflation have risen to their highest levels in years but households seem to be ok: unemployment remains low and household spending keeps increasing. The only sign of stress seems ...

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News, 08 Feb 2023

Economic Update - January 2023

  A happy lunar new year saw a strong start to the year for Australian stocks as China looks to regather lost momentum in 2023. However, the RBA is looking to pop the party balloons with some more rate increases this year. Until we know we have...

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Insights, 07 Feb 2023

Benefits of Direct Lending

The Benefits of Direct Lending — How Investors Can Take Advantage of the Increased Interest in Private Debt Key Points: The direct lending market is growing in Australia because more small-and-middle-size companies rely on private debt...

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Insights, 24 Jan 2023

Chart of the Month - January 2023

Raising a Good Yield The bond market’s performance in 2022 was historically bad. For example, Vanguard’s Total Bond Market Index (US) was down -13.25% while the S&P Australia Aggregate Bond Index was down -10%. However, just like a b...

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News, 21 Dec 2022

Economic Update - December 2022

Positive economic results in December makes for a complex picture going forward. Central banks have seen enough of a slowdown in inflation to moderate their rate rises, but not enough of a slowdown in their economies to stop raising rates in Q1. Further...

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Insights, 16 Dec 2022

Chart of December 2022

A Season of Transitory Goodwill As we look to 2023, there is much to reflect on. “Transitory inflation” has stuck around forcing central banks into emergency mode. The RBA has increased the cash rate by 300 bps this year and the Federal ...

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Insights, 08 Nov 2022

Private Debt vs Listed Fixed Income

The Emergence of Private Debt – What's Fuelling Australia's Lending Landscape Shift? Private debt is gathering pace in Australia as traditional lenders and big banks turn their attention to large-scale corporate entities, leaving small...

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Insights, 13 Oct 2022

Inflation Is The Main Game In Town

  The Reserve Bank may have its hands on the interest rate lever, but its eyes are focused on the inflation rate. This is bad news for equities and bonds, but private debt is becoming more attractive. RBA is following its game plan The ...

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Insights, 03 Apr 2022

Mid-market credit opportunities to accelerate

This website provides general information only. It does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person and should not be used as the basis for making investment, financial, taxation or other decisi...

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