Insights, 04 Jul 2024

Swimming Nude

Economic Update - June 2024

Tourist and alternative lifestyle mecca Byron Bay may be getting stripped of its nudist beach but it is the RBA that is getting embarrassed by larger than expected figures! Meanwhile, the EU has started cutting, the US remains on course for cuts, Japan ...

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News, 06 Apr 2023

Economic Update - March 2023

Central bankers were already suffering from analysis paralysis with inflation versus recession, but March has now thrown banking crises into the mix. We live in interesting times! The good news is that for the investor, there are gains to be had in vari...

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News, 08 Feb 2023

Economic Update - January 2023

  A happy lunar new year saw a strong start to the year for Australian stocks as China looks to regather lost momentum in 2023. However, the RBA is looking to pop the party balloons with some more rate increases this year. Until we know we have...

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