News, 17 Jul 2024

Lets hear it for R-Star

Chart of the Month - July 2024

No, r-star doesn’t stand for “rock star”! Rather, it is the official cash rate that has a neutral impact on an economy: neither contractionary nor expansionary. It is critical for both central bankers and investors. R-star is the i...

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Insights, 04 Jul 2024

Swimming Nude

Economic Update - June 2024

Tourist and alternative lifestyle mecca Byron Bay may be getting stripped of its nudist beach but it is the RBA that is getting embarrassed by larger than expected figures! Meanwhile, the EU has started cutting, the US remains on course for cuts, Japan ...

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Insights, 01 Jul 2024

Australia’s quantum computing leap

Australian Spotlight - June 2024

ChatGPT is dominating public attention but behind the scenes there is arguably a bigger computer revolution brewing. If the potential of quantum computing is realised, all current cryptography will be made obsolete and meteorological models could dramat...

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Insights, 04 Jun 2024

Yielding to reality

Economic Update - May 2024

US consumers seem more Garfield than Furiosa at the moment with some good news on the inflation and consumer confidence fronts in May. Inflation may not be so sticky in the US after all? The Fed Reserve is however still talking tough. Inflation is still...

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News, 01 May 2024

Central banks do Dusty Springfield

Economic Update - April 2024

Central banks have been wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin' that inflation would keep falling all the way back to their 2% target. Sure, the last mile will be the hardest they said. Well the US and Australia have just hit i...

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Insights, 29 Apr 2024

Beyond Twenty30: Australia and India

Spotlight On Australia - April 2024

For many, India is the new China, and Australia has a head start. Two years ago, on April 2, 2022,  Australia and India signed the India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA). This was India’s first trade agreement with a ...

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Insights, 16 Apr 2024

Bowing to the greenback

Chart of the Month - April 2024

It’s not looking good for the Australian dollar. The AUD has been trending down against the greenback since 2021 (AUD/USD)(see chart below). Now, several factors have come together to add a few more anchors to the AUD; it’s down around 6% si...

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News, 02 Apr 2024

Stock Market Highs Amidst Global Economic Shifts

Economic Update - March 2024

Bridges may be crashing down, cargo ships sinking in the Red Sea, and the Panama canal drying up but the major stock markets continue to push new highs. If we are in an AI stock market bubble, surely ChatGPT would tell me? The US has gone from &ldqu...

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