News, 07 Dec 2023

Central Banks Exercise Caution Amidst Inflation Battle

Economic Update - November 2023

Central banks are still waiting to see more data before declaring victory against inflation but it seems like the war has already been won. ”Happy Xmas (The war is over).” Even better, a soft landing still seems the most likely outcome for t...

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News, 09 May 2023

Economic Update - April 2023

Fears of a financial meltdown in the US and Europe have faded and instead we have returned to regular broadcasting with slowing inflation and slowing economies. The UK with its stubborn inflation remains the odd country out. China is still benefiting fr...

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News, 21 Dec 2022

Economic Update - December 2022

Positive economic results in December makes for a complex picture going forward. Central banks have seen enough of a slowdown in inflation to moderate their rate rises, but not enough of a slowdown in their economies to stop raising rates in Q1. Further...

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