Insights, 23 Jan 2024

The amazing growth of Australian renewable energy

Chart of the Month - January 2024

Australia’s renewable energy consumption grew by an average annual rate of 5.7% in the decade to 2021-22. In contrast, oil (-0.4%) and coal (-2.6%) consumption declined. Solar was the fastest growing renewable category at 29.8% followed by wind at...

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News, 12 Jan 2024

Flight into 2024: December's Economic Departure Lounge

Economic Update - December 2023

The copyright to Peter Pan is now in the public domain. While Peter won’t grow up, we have economies that are not quite ready to slow down all the way! The soft landing didn’t happen in 2023 but still looks good for 2024.  What happ...

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News, 07 Dec 2023

Central Banks Exercise Caution Amidst Inflation Battle

Economic Update - November 2023

Central banks are still waiting to see more data before declaring victory against inflation but it seems like the war has already been won. ”Happy Xmas (The war is over).” Even better, a soft landing still seems the most likely outcome for t...

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